Private Servers Have Moved

Back in November the private servers were shut down to be shipped to their new home. This has been a long and time consuming process but the end is in sight! We hope to have the servers back online soon and to add new capabilities we have been working on. In the meantime grafana stats, hosted agent, swc, ba events will continue. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Come join us on Screeps discord https://discord.

Private Servers Status

On January 21st, 2021 ScreepsPlus private server infrastructure suffered an outage that resulted in the databases being lost. Instead of recovering from backup we decided to just delay restoration of services until the planned reset dates had been reached. Currently ScreepsPlus Seasonal Server is up and fully operational with ScreepsPlus Standard Server set to be reset this coming weekend. We have a few new services in the R&D phase that we hope to roll out in the near future that will give ScreepsPlus users more options and capabilities in enjoying their Screeps experience.

Seasonal Server

The ScreepsPlus Seasonal Server is finally here! The server is live now, with the first reset planned for around July 1st. After that, resets will be at the beginning of every quarter. (Jan, Apr, July, Oct) Steam client can connect at Authmod password setting is available at

Hosted Agent

There is now a hosted agent for ScreepsPlus! With this, you no longer have to run your agent yourself, although that is still supported if you choose to do so. This does come with a warning: this is highly expiremental! It may be buggy, unreliable, and fail at odd times. You have been warned.

Private Server Back Up

The ScreepsPlus private server is back! Other than having to forcibly eliminate 1604 creeps, it is back up and ticking. Enjoy :)

Private Server Down

The ScreepsPlus private server is going down for this week, the server is throwing segfaults constantly, and I don’t want it to corrupt the database. (Assuming it hasn’t already). I will be renting a new server Friday (Nov 30) and transfering everything over.

Migration Aborted

For now, the migration has been put on hold due to issues on the new cluster. The current server has been repaired and should be a bit more reliable again.


I’m currently working on migrating the service to a new server cluster, in the meantime, registrations are disabled. Once migrations are complete I will reenable new account registration. If you need your token for the agent, contact me on slack with your S+ username and email (if set) and I will lookup the token for you. Thanks for your patience, I hope to have all this resolved soon.