Hosted Graphs

Graph Image

How does it work?

So you may be wondering, “Why would I trust my Screeps login to someone else?” Great news! You don’t have to, ScreepsPlus uses an agent based approach, a small program runs on your PC, a Pi, or whatever. That agent connects to and downloads your stats, it then sends those stats here for the graphing software.

Agent Diagram

Want your own graphs?

  1. Signup with the link on the left
  2. PM me (ags131) on Slack with your username for a token (This is not needed for the hosted agent and will likely be automated in the future)
  3. Install the NodeJS Agent or use the Hosted Agent
  4. Visit Grafana
  5. Add a Datasource with the following settings: (Version should be set to 1.1.x) Settings Image
  6. Thats it! Create a dashboard and enjoy :)